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Custom LCD Modules


In addition to the extensive line of standard LCD modules, Nan Ya Plastics is very active in the design and development of custom dot matrix LCD modules. 

With a large and experienced engineering staff, Nan Ya has the technical capabilities and resources to satisfy even the most demanding of customer requirements.  And Mark Products has the custom LCD module experience and technical knowledge to assist our customer from the conceptual design phase through final prototype approval.


There are two classes of custom module design:

  1. Semi-custom modules - These are LCD modules in which the PCB design of a standard module is modified to add LED indicator lamps, switches, keypad traces, cable assemblies, or other front panel components.   Since the semi-custom module uses the LCD panel, bezel and backlight from an existing standard module, NRE charges are minimized. 

This approach usually results in an overall reduced systems cost to the customer because it eliminates additional PCBs and interconnects.  It also eliminates the overhead costs involved in the sourcing and procurement of the front panel components and additional PCBs.  The semi-custom module becomes a fully-tested front panel assembly that can be installed into the customer's equipment without any further processing.

  1. Full custom modules - As the name implies, these are LCD modules with custom LCD panel, PCB, backlight and bezel.  Such designs are typically undertaken for high volume applications where a standard module is not suitable and the higher NRE charges are not an issue.

Because Nan Ya is a vertically integrated manufacturer of LCD modules, they do not have to rely on an outside manufacturer for the custom LCD panel.  This reduces the development leadtime and keeps Nan Ya in full control of the LCD panel performance properties and the custom module development process.


The custom module development process involves the following steps:

  1. Customer provides custom modules requirements
  2. Mark Products and Nan Ya review customer requirements and propose alternative approaches, if appropriate
  3. Mark Products submits quotation to customer with description of custom module configuration
  4. Customer issues PO for custom module development
  5. Nan Ya prepares custom module drawing/spec for customer approval
  6. Upon approval, Nan Ya commences module design
  7. Mark Products submits prototype samples and preliminary spec for customer approval
  8. Upon approval, Nan Ya issues final spec
  9. Production phase begins

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